Addo Elephant National Park

This national park, located in South Africa, covers over 1640 sq. km.
The park is home to more than 660 elephants, 400 Cape buffaloes, a variety of antelope species. Lion and spotted hyena have also recently been re-introduced to the area. The largest remaining population of the flightless dung beetle (Circellium bacchus) is located within the park.


There are more than 660 elephants in the park and yet you can drive a whole day without seeing one. Luckily it didn't happen to me.

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The babies

A baby elephant is called a calf and can weigh around 91 kg and stand about 1 m tall. Calves nurse for the first six months of life. On average, calves drink about 10 L a day.

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Not only elephants

In the park you can also find many other animals

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Birds in the park

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The landscape

The landscape

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Addo with rain or just after

It can be interesting to visit the park even when it is raining or it has just stopped!

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