The poppy is known for its soporific effects. After all, it’s the flower that is famously (or infamously) known as the natural source of opiates, including opium, morphine, and heroin. Yet even before it was engineered to produce dangerously potent drugs, the poppy was known as a natural sleep-inducer for centuries. In fact, the drug morphine, which is derived from poppies, is named for the Greek god of dreams and sleep, Morpheus.

Special thanks to "Teatro del Fiore" who allowed me to photograph in their garden.
mbc-210608-081918  Beautiful poppy mbc-210605-090553  Poppy with guests mbc-210605-091334  Poppy's mbc-210608-083904  Poppy with guests
mbc-210602-152201  Poppy mbc-210602-152416  Poppy with guests mbc-210602-152455  Poppy mbc-210602-152610  Poppy that lost its red petals
mbc-210605-090622  Poppy's mbc-210605-091032  Poppy mbc-210605-091227  Poppy's mbc-210605-091240  Poppy's
mbc-210605-091400  Poppy's mbc-210608-081236  Poppy with guest mbc-210608-081006  Beautiful poppy mbc-210608-081323  Poppy with guest
mbc-210608-080804  Poppy with guest mbc-210608-081254  Beautiful poppy mbc-210608-081423  Poppy with heavy head after rain mbc-210608-082038  Beautiful poppy
mbc-210608-082127  Poppy with guest mbc-210608-082310  Beautiful poppy mbc-210608-082202  Beautiful poppy mbc-210608-082550  Beautiful poppy
mbc-210608-082717  Beautiful poppy mbc-210608-083011  Heavy head after rain mbc-210608-083230  Beautiful poppy mbc-210608-083523  Poppy with guest
mbc-210608-083535  Beautiful poppy mbc-210608-083111  Poppy with guest mbc-210608-083737  Poppy with guest mbc-210608-083820  Beautiful poppy
mbc-210608-083927  Poppy with black bumblebee mbc-210608-083904  Poppy with bumblebee as guest mbc-210608-083928  Poppy with black bumblebee mbc-210608-081018-2  Bees looking for nectar