West beach

It's always the same beach and yet it's different every time.
mbc-200306-091317  "Misty morning" in spiaggia mbc-200301-074339  Il mare e la spiaggia di Port Alfred mbc-200306-091910  Mattina di nebbia in spiaggia mbc-220305-140358  The West Beach in Port Alfred
mbc-220321-141325  Walking along the West Beach of Port Alfred mbc-220305-135048  While wpalking on the beach mbc-200301-074256  Il mare a Port Alfred mbc-200301-074302  Il mare a Port Alfred
mbc-210221-082405  Port Alfred beaches mbc-210221-082347  Port Alfred beaches mbc-210220-142243  Port Alfred beaches mbc-210217-183642  Sunset over the sea
mbc-210226-190429  Full moon over the Indian Ocean mbc-200302-074805  Ucelli in riva al are mbc-200313-085640  Uccellino solitario in spiaggia