Riet River

Riet River is the place where the river with the same name ends at the beach right in front of a beautiful South African sea. It is located in the Eastern Cape near Port Alfred. There are some very unique rock formations on this beach, the three largest are called the Three Sisters.
mbc-180721-100323  Dove il fiume incontra il mare, o quasi mbc-180721-100632 mbc-180721-100750  Grande spiaggia LIBERA! mbc-180721-103102  Lascia solo le tue orme mbc-180721-111242  Forme che spuntano dalla sabbia tra un onda e l'altra.
mbc-180721-104135-2  Waves crashing against another of the Three Sisters Sisters mbc-180721-103839  The guardian of the se mbc-180721-112624  Natural landscape of a beautiful South African beach mbc-180721-104656  Strange shapes of rocks mbc-180721-104817  Strange shapes of rocks
mbc-180721-104842-2  Waves crashing against one of the Three Sisters Sisters mbc-180721-105330  Sea, Waves, Sand, Rocks ... what more could you want?? mbc-180721-105409  Alena walking barefoot on the beach mbc-180721-105936  Signs of who passed by in this beautiful placequa mbc-180721-110131  Ready for combat
mbc-180721-110555  Overview of one of the Three Sisters mbc-180721-111059-2  Rock caressed by the sea peeking out from the beach mbc-180721-113123  Natural landscape of a beautiful South African beach mbc-180723-102436  Self-portrait looking at the seamare mbc-180723-103257  Colorful landscape by the sea
mbc-180723-102633  Sea view from above one of the Three Sisters mbc-210303-084720  Strange shapes in the sand carved by the wind mbc-210303-085211  Susan walking all alone mbc-210303-085854  Christo and Stefano looking at the drawings on the rocks mbc-210303-092408  I found another elephant
mbc-210303-092514  I found another elephant mbc-210303-091527  Waves breaking against the rocks mbc-210303-095218  Waves breaking against the rocks mbc-210303-095234  Waves breaking against the rocks mbc-210303-095332  Stefano and Christo cleaning the beach during the walk
mbc-210303-095335  Susan walking all alone mbc-210303-095546  Simply beach, rocks and sea, but with beautiful colors mbc-210303-100802  Dream landscape mbc-180721-114613  We each chart our own path. mbc-180723-115320  Cows grazing towards the Riet River
mbc-180723-102844  A heart from Alena